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  • Riviera Maya climate in January and December is coolest when highs that are average around 83 levels. Typical temperatures that are low which take place primarily through the night, add the high 60s in the cold temperatures to the low to mid 70s throughout the summer time. Seawater conditions usually fall between your normal highs and the average lows for atmosphere temperatures. That means the water is going to be comfortable for swimming many months associated with the except for mornings during the winter year. Talking from experience, trade winds brings the wind chill factor down and could make winter swimming uncomfortable on some full times through the wintertime. Rain Rain is a factor that is big the Riviera Maya area particularly through the peak months associated with Caribbean hurricane period. Total rainfall may achieve since high as 10 ins a month in September and October and five ins or more in August and November. The total number of days it rains reaches 15 in September and October and 13 in August. The months with all the lowest levels of rainfall are through April with less than three inches apiece january. Best and Worst Occasions to Get The greatest months to attend Riviera Maya are March and April for a mix of warm conditions and rainfall that is low. To learn about Airport Cancun to Tulum Shuttle and Tulum Airport Shuttle, check out all of our internet site Cancun to Tulum Shuttle. It is possible to nevertheless see remains of the sculptures that are masked to the castle. The doorway to the temple has columns in the form of rattlesnakes, using the tails supporting the roof and their heads adjoining the ground. The bottom degree has two small temples, these are where offerings would have been placed to your Mayan god Kukulcan on the site's point that is highest. Kukulcan was the wind god, also called the feathered god that is serpent. Some theories state Mayan people thought Kukulcan would one day return from the east to mark the beginning of a new and successful age. With Tulum's location as far east on the Yucatan mainland as possible this could be a great lofty destination to keep a watchful attention for the return that is royal. On two regarding the fortress' corners you can find towers that served as temples, called El Torreón. Archaeologists don't believe the towers played a roll of defence in the town and, just by the alter over the back wall, this building probably served being a destination for sacrificial offerings. Templo del Dios Descendente (Temple regarding the Descending Jesus) - the most breathtaking temples in Tulum. Tulum has scripts and drawings associated with the descending god throughout a lot of its ruins and so they can be seen in the ruins during the ruins of Coba, positioned around 30 miles (50km) to the western. The temple gets its name from the sculpture positioned there that represents a God in human kind wearing a headdress, descending through the heavens, holding an object of some sort.

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