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  • For GM domestic automobiles created before 1995, the diagnostic connector is located under the dash panel by the motorist part. To obtain the check motor codes to flash in your dash panel, use a jumper cable or even a paper clip and link terminals A and B associated with the diagnostic connector. Turn your ignition key on with motor down and also the codes should begin to blink. All codes should focus on code 12 which will be one long flash followed by 2 quick flashes. This code 12 means the system that is diagnostic normal and certainly will duplicate it self continuously if there are not any difficulty codes. Otherwise, rule 12 will flash three times before flashing the fault codes. Ford owners can check their check engine light using the connector that is diagnostic at the motor compartment by the fender close to the battery pack. Obtaining the obd1 codes need a few tools: a 4 inches long gage 16 jumper cable and a 12 volt test light. Both tools are hooked up towards the diagnostic connector and if the ignition key is fired up (without beginning engine) the codes will start to flash within the test light, not in the dash panel. When there is no rule, you shall normally get code 11 or 111. The KOEO (key on engine off) and the KOER (key on engine running) on fords, there are 2 test modes. Both test modes is utilized to have the evaluation that is accurate of stored fault codes. Of all 3 domestic automobiles, the easiest method to test the engine light is Chrysler products. Why? Because all you need would be to turn the ignition key on and off a inside 5 seconds while the codes will quickly flash within the dash panel. To learn about Remap tuning ecu and Remap tuning ecu, please visit all of our site Remap tuning ecu (www.jcremaps.com). Whereas, on the other hand you can find vehicle enthusiasts for whom a car means a tool which they are entitled to make use of according to their wishes by using its all potentials. But, as those potentials aren't configured in the motor vehicle which they drive within their continent they are not able to enjoy its drive according to their wish. With remapping the ECU, today be redefining the settings of different components with help of a chip that is small can get rid of this problem. During the remapping the chip that is new software is configured in the serial port associated with car for rewriting the setting of motor with brand new rule which are mentioned into the pc software. The process of remapping is almost the exact same for both diesel and petrol variants. Benefits of ECU Remapping: Upsurge in Power and Performance: The remapping of ECU results a noticable difference power and fuel efficiency of your car. It will be interested to know that remapping of diesel variant offers far better results when compared with petrol variation. The rewritten ECU offers improved gas efficiency, enhanced ignition timings and optimizes the performance that is overall of vehicle. Enhances the Aesthetics of the automobile: The ECU remapping is not restricted just in determining the settings of motor but also relates to determining the settings of various components like exhaust system, stopping system etc. Because to savor improved performance of engine it really is mandatory why these elements should additionally be compatible according to engine's setting to supply better response.

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